WETSS Supplying the world's best Water Treatment Solutions

WETSS Supplying the world's best Water Treatment Solutions

ECOmar Sewage Treatment

ECOmar is able to treat grey and blackwater in compliance with international standards and to render it dischargeable directly into the sea, without solid residues. Ecomar systems do not require a sludge tank, are pollution free (click here for compliance information: MEPC.227(64) effective 01/01/16), and are compact and easy to use.


  • Chemical-physical reactions inside disinfect the water and reduce the sediment - water becomes clear and odorless and can be discharged directly overboard.
  • Automatic wash cycle
  • Mounted on a strong steel chassis, is available in stainless steel material for all models, and in polypropyplene for models 20,32 and 45.
  • Automatic management of system with LCD electronic control panel with microprocessor
  • Very low electric power consumption
  • Emergency mode

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