WETSS Supplying the world's best Water Treatment Solutions

WETSS Supplying the world's best Water Treatment Solutions

Oil/Water Separators

WETSS has put together an exhaustive range of some of the world’s best water & environmental treatment products.

Victor Marine Oily Water Separators

  • No high speed moving parts, resulting in less maintenance and lower costs
  • No delicate, expensive membranes
  • No hazardous chemicals, back washing or cleaning cycles
  • The unique AGM granular media is refined to absorb 60% of its weight in oil contaminents, increasing the life of consumables, minimising costs and maximising uptime
  • Fully Type Approved by Class Societies
  • Less than 1ppm oil content achieved under all stringent IMO tests
  • Simple operation which requires no training
  • Compliant with IMO regulation MEPC 107 (49)

The CS Series OWS

This bilge oily water separator is designed to fit the smallest engine rooms whilst maintaining reliable operation and ease of use for shipboard engineers.


The system includes a 15ppm oil content monitor, complete with diverter valve set, to ensure that the water quality meets IMO regulations and avoids any illegal discharges overboard.

The CS Lite Series OWS

A lightweight system specifically engineered for use on vessels where the weight of a standard OWS would be an issue e.g. fast attack craft.
Constructed from 5083 grade aluminium, the CS Lite Series is 30% lighter than the standard CS model.



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