Water and Environmental Treatment Systems/Solutions (WETSS) is one of the latest additions to the AMI group of companies. WETSS focus is on water treatment and watermakers for Marine, Offshore and Land Based applications.


WETSS supplies, installs and maintains a broad range of the world's best water treatment equipment such as Watermakers, Desalination Systems, Sewage Treatment Systems, Oily Water Separators, Water Purification and other associated water treatment solutions for a range of purposes. From large scale industry, through to low-energy solutions for the home, WETSS can help.

WETSS provides comprehensive sales and service support from offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore and Vietnam and we also have agents in every major port and most minor ports throughout Australia.

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Our Products

  • Tecnicomar Portable Water Softeners

    Fleet Broadband WETSS is now stocking Tecnicomar’s portable water softeners suitable for spot free wash down of your boat, car, caravan or RV. This range of water softeners will put an end to hard water damage like corrosion and water spots.

    Please contact us to find out more about this product.

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  • Essential 400 and 1000

    Inmarsat IPhone Pro

    Tecnicomar introduces the Essential series. A new range of desalinators for those that are in the market for an entry level AC desalinator with minimal electronics.

    The new Essential series offers four models producing 100 - 160 litres per hour of high quality fresh water. The new Essential models are available in a modular configuration for vessels that are lacking space or partially mounted in a compact frame offering an easier installation.

    The new range still offers critical safety features such as low feed pressure protection and a high pressure safety cut out. These safety features are unheard of at this price point and protect the system from what could be expensive damage. Fresh water production is monitored by a flow meter on the control panel and an automatic fresh water flushing system with carbon block filter for removal of chlorine is available as an optional accessory.

    Pricing for the new range starts at a retail price of AUD$8,340 including GST.

    Please contact us to find out more about this product.

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  • Marine Sewage Treatment Systems

    New Sewage Discharge Regulations for QLD and NSW

    The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is now enforcing the international marine sewage discharge regulations in Queensland and New South Wales with the other states and territories to follow soon. Contact us for MEPC.159(55) sewage treatment systems from Tecnicomar and Hamworthy for your vessel.

    Please contact us to find out how we can help you comply with these new regulations.

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  • Tecnicomar introduces the Sailor Special Series of “Green” Watermakers

  • Chart Solutions

    The Sailor Special series of watermakers from Tecnicomar features innovative products ready to suit the increasing demand of eco-sustainability in the marine and shipbuilding industry. The reduction of the environmental impact by optimizing energy efficiency has been the leading idea during the design of this new generation of watermakers together with a careful selection of highly reliable and efficient components.

    - Better performance: hourly production has been increased by an average of 60.4% when compared to standard watermakers.
    - Energy efficiency: the current drain has been reduced by an average of 35% when compared to standard watermakers.
    - Higher reliability in terms of quality of the single components and performance of the system.
    - Reduced weight and dimensions.
    - Models range from 60 to 800 litres per hour of fresh water production.

    Please contact us to find out more about this product, and our complete range of Watermakers.

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  • Desalination Systems

    CAMS & OMS

    If you have access to sea water you can beat the increasing sprinkler restrictions in South West WA by installing a desalinator. We have experience with over 30 systems installed in recent times.

    Please contact us to find out more about our Desalination Systems and how they can benefit your home and business.

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